Please feel free to download for personal use, just credit me if you happen to perform them.

Any enquiries for business use please get in touch via the contact page.

Enjoy! And feel free to comment. 🙂

26th February, 2017 – Grime Hip Hop Instrumental

17th February, 2017 – A New Man

16th February, 2017 – Just A Moment To Go

15th February, 2017 – ‘Khoshdel goes to the Bodega’. Dedicated to a student and friend of mine who was always able to make the piano sound like it came from somewhere else.

14th February, 2017 – Happy Valentines Day!

13th February, 2017 – ‘Jig’, another piece for’The Frontline’.

12th February, 2017 – 16602763_1244027295692720_7620605157557039959_n

11th February, 2017 – ‘Round The Block’. I like it, but I don’t know what to do with it…

10th February, 2017 – My daughter, very helpfully, went for a nap. So i wrote this. Just a sketch of an idea for a jazz ensemble.

9th February, 2017 – Another idea for piano, trumpet ensemble.

8th February, 2017 – A gospel piece from ‘The Frontline’
SHEET MUSIC: Tell Heaven

7th February, 2017 – Some more music from ‘The Frontline’.

6th February, 2017 – And here is the finished piece.
SHEET MUSIC: Jazz Study 1 Part B

5th February, 2017 – A jazz study for early intermediate piano players. Part B tomorrow!
Jazz Study 1

4th February, 2017 – A fun, ragtime style piece. Ending needed!
SCORE: Ragtime Piano 4th February

3rd February, 2017 – For my wife! ‘Plink, Plink, Plonk’

Reflections – 2nd February, 2017 And here it is, now named ‘Reflections’.

1st February 2017 – I shall finish this one tomorrow, or the day after!

31st January – Developing my ‘Neurotics’ idea.

30th January, 2017 – ‘Ripples’

29th January, 2017 – Inspired by recent political events and yesterdays protests at JFK. #letthemin

28th January, 2017 – An idea for Rhodes and more…..

27th January, 2017 – Today, I have been messing around with Factory presets.

26th January, Very much a work in progress, I shall be developing this over the next few days. Having lots of fun with this one!

25th January, 2017 – Inspired by Stu and Matra Magic! All electronic once finished.

24th January, 2017 – This ones a work in progress, I ran out of time today!

23rd January, 2017 – ‘As The Fog Lifts’

22nd January, 2017 – ‘A Beautiful Something’

21st January, 2017 – And One for Love

20th January, 2017 – As Yet Untitled! Thanks to Claude Werner and Martin Young for their playing on this one!

19th January, 2017 – ‘As Light As Air’ – written with an as yet to be formed Quintet in mind! Blofeld Mk 2.0??

18th January, 2017 – Song 1 from ‘The Frontline’ (Rough edit)

17th January, 2017 – ‘Little One’

16th January, 2017 – ‘Song for Stan’. This one is dedicated to Stan Reynolds and his wonderful band who I have had the pleasure of working with. I’ll arrange it properly one day!

15th January, 2017 – A piece called ‘Go (to) Frontiers Anew’. For piano and trumpet (to be added later). Get in touch if you would like to play it!

14th January, 2017 – A piece for a show called ‘The Frontline’. All piano in this version but will be largely choral in the finished piece.

13th January, 2017

12th January, 2017 – listen for the car horn that nearly totally messed me up!

11th January, 2017

10th January, 2017

9th-january-2017-staccato-study – Just a short one today, a little minor Staccato Study.